Lecture Review Quizzes

You may take these quizzes as many times as you like, it is not graded but only for your review of the material. These questions are not made to be exhaustive but should give you an idea of how well you are grasping the material.

Exams in 2007

Lecture exam 1 - Lectures 1 - 10
Lecture exam 2 - Lectures 11 - 18
Lecture exam 3 - Lectures 19 - end of class


  1. Female tract anatomy
  2. Comparative female anatomy, historical perspective
  3. Male reproductive tract anatomy
  4. Male reproductive tract comparative and microscopic anatomy
  5. Embryogenesis of the pituitary gland, sexual differentiation of the male and female
  6. Endocrinology of reproduction I (Lecture 6 and 7 combined)
  7. Endocrinology of reproduction II (Lecture 6 and 7 combined)
  8. Puberty
  9. Reproductive Cyclicity in the Female
  10. Artificial Insemination
  11. Follicular phase of the estrous cycle, follicular waves, oogenesis, ovulation
    1. Luteal phase of the estrous cycle and menstrual cycles
    2. Estrous Synchronization (Induction of Ovulation)
  12. Spermatogenesis
  13. Epididymal maturation, ejaculation and semen
  14. Sexual behavior
  15. Gamete transport
  16. Fertilization
  17. Gametogenesis at the chromosomal level: mitosis and meiosis
  18. Embryo development
  19. Placentation and maternal recognition of pregnancy
  20. Pregnancy and fetal development
  21. Pregnancy Loss and Parturition
  22. Biotechnology
  23. Reproduction of humans
  24. Reproduction in the Canine and Feline