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Preparation of the Stallion

After preparing the artificial vagina, you need to prepare the stallion. Bring a bucket of clean water at 42°C to the collection arena. The stallion is stimulated with a mare in estrus until an erection is obtained. If a stallion can get an erection with any mare, in estrus or not, that is even better. The penis is then washed with the warm water by grasping loosely with a gloved hand, placing water over the penis and then rubbing up and down the penile shaft to remove any loose debris or dirt. Wash from the preputial ring down to and including the glans penis. This is repeated until the penis is clean. Be sure to remove any smegma beads from the fossis glandis cavities of the glans penis. When finished, simply strip off the excess water to dry the penis. Only water is used to wash the penis so as not to change the normal bacterial flora found on the penis. It is essential that the washer make this as pleasurable an experience for the stallion as possible or the erection may be lost.

washing the stallion penis with warm water


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