Semen Collection Review Quiz
  1. Safety is the most important factor when collecting semen
  2. The Colorado AV is lighter, maintains temperature longer and is filled with hotter water than the Missouri AV
  3. Washing the penis of the stallion with 42°C water:
    Choice 1 causes an erection
    Choice 2 increases ejaculate volume
    Choice 3 removes dirt and debris
    Choice 4 all of the above
  4. Semen evaluation includes:
    Choice 1 volume
    Choice 2 concentration
    Choice 3 motility
    Choice 4 morphology
    Choice 4 all of the above
  5. Semen is collected from a stallion to:
    Choice 1 evaluate fertility
    Choice 2 for artificial insemination
    Choice 3 as part of a stallion breeding exam
    Choice 4 all of the above
    Note the above question should be all of the above but I can not fix this.

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