University of wisconsin-madison

Missouri AV Assembly

  1. The first step is to remove the bicycle tire type valve so that you may fill the AV with water.
  1. Fill a container with water at 50 - 55°C. The colder the temperature is outside, the warmer you will need to start the AV. The thermometer shown is ideal in that it clearly shows the correct temperature for filling an AV.
  1. Attach the filling tube and funnel to the valve on the AV. Pour the water in until the AV is full. It will require about 3 liters (3 quarts) of water to fill a Missouri style AV. After filling, a dial thermometer can be carefully inserted to monitor the temperature until it stabilized (10-20 sec). The target temperature is 44 to 50°C but will depend on the individual stallion. At the UW facility we prefer the temperature from 50 - 55°Cas we collect in cold weather and the AV will cool prior to collection..
  1. Put the casing (leather or insulated fabric) around the AV and secure it with the straps as shown. Other types of cases may have velcro fasteners.
  1. Obtain the gel separator, baby bottle and an adapter connector from a warm incubator (37 C). There alternative collection bottles that can also be used.
  1. Place the gel separator in the baby bottle and attach the adapter connector. You may need to stick you fingers in the gel separator to make sure it spreads out inside the baby bottle.
  1. Insert the bottle adapter with the warm bottle into the cone of the AV.
  1. Get the insulated warming bag from the warming light. The light device shown automatically turns on and off to keep the bag warm and ready to use.

  1. Place the insulated warming bag over the bottle and cone of the AV.
  1. Place warm lubricant on a gloved right hand. We use a bulk lube dispensor and so the lube is not warm, at room temperature, but it should not affect the temperture of the AV.

  1. Thoroughly lube the AV with the gloved hand being sure to get deep inside and lip of the AV. If the AV is not thoroughly lubed, the stallion is in danger of tearring his penis. The AV should be snug but still allow you to reach the far end with your fingers and the lube. If the AV is not filled enough, add more hot water. If the AV is overfilled and too tight, let some water out of the AV. The mistake of the novice is to have too little water in the AV causing the stallion to thrust many times or even require a second mount prior to ejaculation.