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Artificial Vagina

The artificial vagina (AV) is used to collect semen from a male. A good AV should be one a stallion likes and will elicit an ejaculation. An AV should also be able to maintain its temperature while the stallion is prepared for collection and potentially for several mounts. In general we look for an AV to maintain its temperature for 15 - 20 minutes. Lastly, the AV should be adjustable to the penis size of the stallion. Below are the two most common types of artificial vaginas (AV) used in the U.S.

Missouri AV

missouri artificial vagina
The Missouri is the most common type of AV used because it is lighter (only about 10 lbs.). The Missouri style AV is composed of the latex bladder, a case to support the AV and a collection bottle. It does not maintain temperature as long as the Colorado style. The bladder must be washed after each use.

Missouri AV assembly


Colorado AV

colorado artificial vagina and accessoriesThe second type of AV is the Colorado style which is much heavier (30 lbs.) but can maintain its temperature much longer than the Missouri. The Colorado consists of the hard outer case, two latex liners, and a collection bottle. Also pictured for the Colorado is a disposable plastic liner and a insulator to put around the collection bottle. An insulator is also used with the Missouri style AV but it is not shown. An advantage to the Colorado is that the inner liner can be changed and a new stallion collected without washing the case.

Colorado AV assembly

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