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1 week old qh foal-2003horse sperm and 4 cell embryostudent working with horsearabian stallion and picture of students using a microscopePeppy San Badger yearling stallion

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Equine Reproductive Management Courses
Department of Animal Sciences

These are a series of courses offered by Dr. John Parrish in the Department of Animal Sciences that cover reproduction in the horse. These courses are offered as short courses for credit/no credit, to undergraduates for credit and also for continuing education credit for Veterinarians. The courses cover reproduction management of the stallion, reproduction management of the mare and freezing of equine semen. Extensive use of web-based material are the foundation of these classes to replace face-to-face lectures. The material is arraigned for specific offerings of the class. For specific information regarding a course in a particular year or semester (descriptions, fees and syllabus), go to the specific course information site.

If you are enrolled in one of the Equine Reproduction courses and are looking for the lecture or the lab material, use the links in the menu bar at the top of this page to access that material for your specific course and year.

You are free to use this course material for educational purposes even if you are not enrolled in one of the specific courses listed. Please just email Dr. Parrish ( to let him know you are using the material. We wish to simply know how the material is being used.

If you are looking to take one of the short courses we offer for adults, contact Dr. Parrish ( for potential times.

Material in this course was adapted for WEB pages by Joan L. Susko-Parrish, M.S. and John Parrish, Ph.D., Professor. Financial assistance was provided by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison. The course material was moved to an open web platform in Spring 2015.

During 2016 we converted the extensive videos to mp4 format and the html5 video player so it should play in all browsers, Mac or PC based. If you see "missing a plugin" then we have not yet fixed that page. Pages are not designed for cell phone use but can be viewed in that format.

Some of the videos are from Dr. Rod Giesert and Oklahoma State University and a few black and white images are from Colorado State University bulletins. We appologize if that material is not yet cited where it is used.

Experimental access to some videos, the rest are accessed within the course content:

  • Movies2 (only a selected subset of those on the site)

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