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Semen evaluation

Once the semen is collected, it is time to return to the lab and evaluate the semen before preparation of a sample for artificial insemination. Evaluation will consist of determining the semen:

  • Volume
  • Concentration
  • Motility
  • Morphology

Step 1

pour semen from collection bottle into warmed graduated cylinder to determine volume

Remove the gel filter from the collection vial and then pour the gel-free semen into a warmed graduated cyclinder to determine gel-free volume.

A typical volume is 45± 30 ml

Factors which effect the volume of the ejaculate are:

  • Sexual preparation
  • Time since last ejaculate
  • Season of the year


Step 2



Remove approximately 1 ml of the semen and place in a small tube to determine sperm concentration and morphology.

We recommend that motility only be evaluated on diluted semen. A small sample should therefore be diluted with warm extender to determine motility.


Step 3


  1. A sample is prepared to determine sperm concentration.
  1. A sample is preserved to determine the % of sperm with normal morphology



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