University of wisconsin-madison

Colorado AV Assembly

putting av liner into colorado av
  1. Place the inner liner in the AV casing so that equal lengths protrude at each end. The tapered end protrudes from the non-flared end of the casing.
stretching the liner over the top of the colorado av
  1. The liner is straightened so that there are no wrinkles or twists. The end of the liner is stretched over the flared end of the casing. Care should be taken when stretching the inner liner since it may tear if too much force is used.

    Disposable, plastic liners may also be used. These liners are more likely to wrinkle or twist so special care must be taken. A clamp must be used to secure the liner in place.

filling the av with water (44-50°C )
  1. The AV is filled with 57°C (135°F) water. Pull on the tapered end of the liner during filling to assure that wrinkles and twists do not develop.

    After filling, a dial thermometer can be carefully inserted to monitor the temperature until it stabilized (10-20 sec). The target temperature is 44 to 50°C but will depend on the individual stallion and collection conditions.

attach the semen collection bottle to the bottom of the liner
  1. When the temperature has stabilized, the warmed collection bottle with a gel filter is clamped on the tapered end of the liner.
cover the collection bolle and bottom of the cone with a warmed liner
  1. The warmed protector jacket is placed over the collection bottle and tightened onto the lower end of the casing.