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There are two choices of mounts to use for semen collection. The first is a jump mare in good standing estrus. It is important that the mare be restrained with good quality breeding hobbles to prevent her from kicking the stallion. Note that when a mare is used, the tail is also wrapped to prevent hairs from getting in the artificial vagina. It is easier to stimulate a stallion with a mare in estrus but even a restrained mare often moves around making it more difficult to get the artificial vagina on the stallion penis. When a jump mare is used for semen collection, it will require the stallion handler, a semen collector and a mare handler.

Mare With Breeding Hobbles

mare with breeding hobbles

The second choice of a mount is a breeding phantom. This is a long tube that is surrounded with foam and a cover. The phantom has the advantage of not moving during semen collection and so semen collection requires only the semen collector and stallion handler. The phantom is also safer for the stallion as it can not kick him. The main problem with the phantom is that you must train a stallion to use a breeding phantom. Both commercial and home-made phantoms may be used.

Breeding Phantom


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