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Semen motility

water bath at 37-39°C with tube rack

Add 100-200 µl of ejaculate to 0.5 ml warmed extender for motility analysis. A water bath is used to keeps samples and extender warm.

Make a slide of 10 µl of extended semen under a 18 mm coverslip or 15 µl under a 22 mm coverslip. A slide warmer is used to keep slides, coverslips and pipette tips that come in contact with the semen warm.

  View the sample to determine total and progressive motility. The sample must be kept warm during viewing as temperature effects motility.

As an alternative to direct viewing on a microscope is to connect it to a video monitor. This is video microscope kit to estimate sperm motility. (Animal Reproduction Systems, 14395 Ramona Avenue, Chino CA 91710)

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