The N.J. Benevenga Symposium on Amino Acid Metabolism

New Perspectives in Amino Acid Metabolism
Implications for Human, Livestock and Companion Animal Nutrition

Held at UW-Madison on October 26, 2002

Ben Benevenga

Ben Benevenga

The outline below lists the speakers for the symposium.

Production Livestock: Amino Acid Research - A Look at the Future -- Dr. David Baker

Human Nutrition: Amino Acid Kinetics and Requirements -- Dr. Vernon Young

Companion Animal Nutrition: The Cat as a Model for Carnivores -- Dr. Quinton Rogers

Future directions for research in amino acid metabolism - Where are we goin' guys? -- Dr. Ken Blemings

CD copies of the entire symposium can be obtained from Tom Crenshaw ( These presentations offer unique perspectives for professional nutritionists and scientists with interest in amino acid metabolism. The CD's provide supplemental lectures for graduate level nutrition courses.

Use the players below to hear two brief segments of a stimulating discussion that followed a 4.5 hr symposium on amino acid metabolism by the world's experts on amino acid nutrition.

Ben Benevenga

Ben Benevenga

Vernon Young

Vernon Young

Segment One



Segment Two


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