Mare Anatomy Review Questions

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1. The conformation of the external genitalia in the mare is important because

It protects the entrance into the oviduct.
It prevents aspiration of air into the vagina (pneumovagina) and possible endometritis.
It supports the reproductive tract.


2. Select the following items that characterize the equine cervix? (select all that apply)

It has longitudinal folds.
It has transverse cervical rings.
It secretes a thin mucous during estrus and a thick mucous during diestrus and pregnancy.
It dilates to accomodate the penis during natural service.


3. The uterus has which of the following 3 layers?

broad ligament, mesosalpinx, endometrium
peritineum, mesometrium, mesosalpinx
perimetrium, myometrium, endometrium


4. Identify all the correct statements.

The oviduct is the site of fertilization.
The oviduct is important for movement of oocytes, sperm and embryos.
The oviduct is between the ovary and the uterine horns.
Unfertilized oocytes can enter the uterus.


5. Oocytes are released from the ovary at ovulation through the

corpus luteum.
ovulation fossa.
secondary follicle.

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