What is a Geep?

A geep is a chimera resulting from the fusion of both a goat and sheep embryo. The procedure was first performed successfully in Australia in 1984. in 1985 researchers at the University of California-Davis successfully produced a geep.

The resulting animal consists of a mosaic of sheep and goat DNA. In the outward appearance, those portions containing sheep DNA will have wool, while those containing goat DNA will have hair.

Geep, when bred, can produce either sheep, goat, or hybrid offspring, depending on the DNA that is present in the reproductive organs. It is therefore impossible to produce more geep by simple breeding.

Hybrid vs. Chimera

A hybrid results from the breeding of two different species. Therefore, the resulting offspring has two parents. In comparison, a chimera has four parents; each embryo used in the procedure is the result of successful fusion of a sperm and egg in either species.