Morphology of Bull Spermatozoa


Primary Abnormalities


normal bull sperm head


 decapitated bull sperm head


 macroencephalic bull sperm head


 microencephalic bull seprm head with stump tail

Microcephalic and Stump Tail

pyriform bull sperm head


pyriform bull sperm head with cytoplasmic droplet 


 round head and double tail

Round and Double Tail

round head

Round head

Ruffled acrosome

tapered bull sperm head


buyll sperm head with diadem defect

Craters (diadem)

microencephalic head


 brightfield photo of giant bull sperm head
 scanning em of cratered bull sperm

Secondary Abnormalities

photo of bull sperm with pyriform head and proximal cytoplasmic droplet

Proximal Cytoplasmic (Protoplasmic) Droplet


photo of translocationg  cytoplsmic droplet

Translocating Cytoplasmic Droplets

photo of tail opening following cytoplasmic translocation

Tail Opening
following Droplet Translocation


photo of tail opening following droplet translocation

Tail Opening
following Droplet Translocation

bull sperm with cytoplasmic droplet
 bull sperm iwth double head, neck and flagellum but one meidpiece

 photoplate of various tail defects

 A.  Coiled Tail with Droplet
 B.  Coiled Double Tail
 C.  "DAG" defect
 D.  Folded tail
 E.  Filamentous
 F.  Double Tail
 G.  Corkscrew Midpiece with Droplet
 H.  Corkscrew Midpiece


 bent tail

Bent Tail

 coiled tail

Coiled Tail

"DAG" defect

"DAG" defect

folded tail with pyriform head

Folded tail with
pyriform head

double tail

Double Tail