Animal Science 434 Laboratories

Lab Exercises (Links to Word or Google Doc files are on the cloud)

  1. Introductory Lab
  2. Female anatomy, follicular aspiration
  3. Male anatomy, epididymal sperm
  4. Endocrinology: hormone measurement and action
  5. Hormone Manipulation, Puberty
  6. Applied Anatomy
  7. Histology of male and female reproductive tracts
  8. Estrus detection and endocrine disruptors
  9. Control of female cycles
  10. Applied male anatomy, semen evaluation, and spermatogenesis (revised 2015)
  11. Impact of the male on meat production: A case scenario in swine.
  12. Optional Lab (tuesday of this week only, time to be announced) - Gamete transport and fertilization and IVF
  13. Placentation, fetal membranes and fetal growth
  14. Pregnancy , Male Fertility and Parturition
  15. Additional labs not currently used
      • Consultant worksheet for freezing semen (Word)
      • Write-up (Word)

Lab Quizzes for Review

Reproductive Diseases of Production Animals

Handouts and Web Pages Related to Labs


Injection Procedures
Hemacytometer use (pdf version for printing)
Spectrophotometer use
Sperm Morphology samples unlabelled (bull, boar)
Graph of crown-rump length vs age in cattle (background information)

Crown-rump to fetal age calculators for bovine and porcine
Media Composition
Swine Ultrasound

Answer Keys

Instructional Materials Needed for Laboratories (word documents)