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Collage of Animals

Daniel Gianola


Animal Sciences
Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
Dairy Science

PubMed citations

Frontiers in Genetics

Research and Teaching Interests:
Statistical problems in quantitative genetics and animal breeding; Bayesian approaches for inference about parameters of linear and nonlinear models (e.g., for growth and lactation curves), censored (e.g., productive lifespan) and discrete (e.g., fertility and viability) distributions. International animal breeding and biometry.

Sandjerg Manor, Denmark, February 28, 2007. Miguel Perez-Enciso, Daniel Sorensen, DG.



photo-Bayes Theorem

"New version of Bayes theorem. Madison, April 2002. Miguel A. Toro, DG and Miguel Perez-Enciso."


group photo- Gianola lab

"Madison, April 2002. Miguel A. Toro, Miguel Perez- Enciso, James F. Crow, DG and Carlos Becerril"
group photo at Veracruz-March 2000

"Veracruz, March 2000. Back row: Dr. Carlos Becerril, D. G., Dr. Jorge de Alba, Adalberto Rosendo.
Front row: Graciela Margall-Gianola, Consuelo de Alba"

Henderson and Gianola

Urbana 1987. C.R. Henderson and D.G.

Kennedy, Gianola, Chapman and Tyler

Madison, April 1994. Brian Kennedy, D.G., A.B. Chapman and W.J. Tyler

Curriculum Vitae available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (132 k).
Professor Daniel Gianola
Department of Animal Sciences
1675 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1284
Phone: 608-265-2054
FAX: 608-262-5157
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