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Stem Cell Safety Sciences

Stem Cells in Predictive Toxicology

Predictive toxicology is the evaluation of chemicals that result in the adverse effects to human health. We develop toxicology models with embryonic stem cells to determine teratogenic and somatic toxicity of chemicals and drugs during early development and adulthood.

Gabriela Gebin Cezar
DVM, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Department of Animal Sciences

1675 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53705

image of stem cells

Preclinical Safety

Epigenetics has a determinant role in cellular differentiation and placity. Our laboratory studies epigenetics during hESC differentiation and how it affect tumorogenesis.


A colony of undifferentiated
H1 embryonic stem cells in culture.
G.Cezar and J. Quam

image of undifferentiated embryonic stem cells

Laser capture microscopy of stem cells

Heterogeneity is a limitation to the generation of enriched cells from ES cells for in vitro models of disease. In pioneer studies, we have shown that photonics application enable the isolation and enrichment of ES-cell derived cell types.

laser captured cells
Laser Images Courtsey of:
Dr. Karin Schutze, Ph.D.
Palm Microlaser Systems, AG