Zeiss spinning disc confocal

Hitachi S-570 LaB6 SEM

Hitachi S-900 Field-emission SEM

Preparatory equipment

Colloidal metals & conjugates

Instrument & training fees

Practical Microscopy course

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Fees for instrument use and training

Personnel time $35 per hour
Training Personnel time plus instrument use if applicable
Hitachi S-570 SEM $40 per hour
Hitachi S-900 FE-SEM $40 per hour
Zeiss confocal microscope $40 per hour
Sputter coater $20 per run
Critical point dryer $20 per run
Cryocoater $40 per run
Ion-beam Coater $40 per run
Bal-Tec high pressure freezer $100 per session + personnel time
Conjugating antibodies, etc. UW-Madison campus users: personnel time
other non-profit and educational users: personnel time + cost of the conjugate(s)
Fluorescence microscope with MetaMorph program $30 per hour
Polaroid film Type 55 P/N $3.50 per picture if use BBPIC provided film, no charge otherwise


Training is provided for all instruments and procedures except for the high-resolution Hitachi S-900 field emission SEM. All training is done as a one-on-one tutorial, although small groups from a single lab can also be accommodated. The details and time necessary vary from instrument to instrument and the experience of the people being trained, but generally the preparatory equipment takes one to two sessions, the Zeiss light microscope one session of about 3 hours, and the Hitachi S-570 SEM 2 or 3 sessions. Making colloidal metals and conjugating them to proteins or other ligands generally involves a half-day, but difficult conjugates and metals other than gold can take longer, maybe a couple of days.

It is preferable to do the training using the investigator's samples, but it is also a good idea to start with samples that are not particularly important. The first try either works perfectly or fails horribly.

Contact Joe Heintz or Ralph Albrecht with questions or to schedule an appointment for training, and for information about fees for businesses outside of the University of Wisconsin.