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Our mission is to lead and foster scientific discoveries in animal agriculture and biology, inspire original thinking and the art of discovery through innovative education and service, thereby enriching the lives of students, scientists, and society.
peperoni, photo courtesy UWMadisonCALS
sheep and guard donkey at arlington, photo courtesy UWMadisonCALS
CALS day for kids, photo courtesy UWMadisonCALS
Dan Schaefer advising incoming freshman, photo courtesy UWMadisonCALS

Department Seminar (Tuesday 11 am, room 274)

Host targeting strategies to reduce inflammation and increase health
Cook Laboratory
Tuesday, October 7

Salmonella: The Gid, the Bad and the Ugly
Fadl Laboratory
Tuesday, October 14


UW students working in the meat lab

AnSci students organize Sheep Sale

The Badger Production Sale was held at Arlington on Sept. 21, 2014. The sale sells excess purebred ewe lambs and is organized by Animal Sciences students.

Front Row (L to R):  Ashley Sendelbach, Emily Weaver, Samantha Toth, Douglas Lee,Lisa Grulke, Beth Miller, Kortney Groeschl, and Megan Mezera

Back row (L to R): Derald Stronach, Bob Johnson (Auctioneer), Todd Taylor, Tom Murphy, Dave, Emily Petzel, Justin Taylor, Hayden Taylor.

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