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Mark Cook Remembrance

Mark Cook Photo by Michael Kienitz

Mark Cook, Professor, colleague and mentor died on September 9, 2017. Mark will be remembered for his dedication to teaching, mentoring, the university community, innovative research and commitment to technology transfer. Actively engaged in teaching, Mark challenged freshmen in Animal Science 101 to think critically about the intersection of animal agriculture and human health. Countless undergraduates and graduate students benefited from research projects under his mentorship. Mark was curious about everything and was able to see connections between seemingly disparate ideas. He was interested in moving ideas from the lab into solutions for real world problems. Together with his lab and collaborators, Mark is responsible for 40 patents and three start-up companies. We will miss our colleague and friend. news release

Nathan ChesmoreChesmore, PHD student, awarded Morgridge Biotechnology Fellowship

Nathan Chesmore, a Ph.D. student in Dhanu Shanmuganayagam’s laboratory, has been awarded the Morgridge Biotechnology Fellowship to work on a novel anti-microbial and anti-biofilm strategy. The fellowship is awarded to students who have been identified for their exceptional potential in advancing research in the biotechnology field.

Congratulations 2017 CALS Award recipients

top left:Sundaram Gunasekaran,Guilherme Rosa-Excellence in International Activities; top right: Dean Kate VandenBosch, Michel Wattiaux(dairy Science) Ellen Mauer- Arthur J Maurer Extra Mile Award; University Staff Awards - bottom right: Dean Kate and Cathy Rook,Dairy Science; bottom left - Laura Trumble and Dean KateCongratulations to Guilherme Rosa (Animal Sciences) for receiving the Excellence in International Activities Award: Michel Wattiaux (Dairy Science) for receiving the Arthur J. Maurer Extra Mile Award; Laura Trumble (Animal Sciences) and Cathy Rook (Dairy Science) for winning University Staff Awards.

The awards were presented at the 2017 College of Agricultural & Life Sciences Awards Presentation on May 3.

Recent publications:

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