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FEI Titan: Aberration Corrected S/TEM

The Titan is configured with a CEOS probe-side aberration corrector, which provides revolutionary performance in STEM imaging and microanalysis.


FEI Titan

The CEOS corrector allows imaging single atoms, and nanoscale chemical and structure analysis. With the CEOS corrector providing sub-angstrom sized beam 0.08 nm spatial resolution Z-contrast STEM imaging, <0.1 nm spatial resolution HRTEM imaging is possible. It is fully equipped for analytical analysis with EDS, 136ev or better resolution, and electron energy loss spectrometer.

Applications range from determining interface structures with sub-Ã…ngstrom resolution and single-atom precision to imaging to analyzing nanoparticles in a multiple-target biomacromoleculelabeling system. The images provided on this page are just a small glimpse of data the Titan is able to collect.