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A List of Microscopy Facilities, Societies, Programs, & Technical Websites

Microscopy Software
- ImageJ
- Imagesurfer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
- Open Microscopy Environment
- OpenDX from IBM's Visualization Data Explorer
- Scientific Image Database
- VisBio LOCI University of Wisconsin-Madison
- Voxx volume rendering for 3D microscopy

Microscopy Tutorials
- Antibody procedures for mouse Immunohistochemistry (Giorgio Cattoretti Columbia University)
- Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs: A Guide for Librarians and Archivists
- EELS tutorial (University of Guelph)
- Electron Multiplying CCD cameras Andor Technology
- Fluorochrome excitation and emission data tables from Molecular Expressions
- Frozen section technique
- Gold conjugation procedure (Research Diagnostics, Inc.)
- Immunohistochemistry World
- Molecular Expressions (Florida State University)
- Nanogold cluster labeling Nanoprobes
- Nikon MicroscopyU
- StainsFile
- TEM basics (University of Liverpool)

Other Facilities
- Confocal microscopy at Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
- Development Resource for Biophysical Imaging Opto-electronics Cornell University
- Institute for Marine Biosciences: Microscopy (facility) National Research Council of Canada
- Microscopy at UW-Madison
Mount Allison University Digital Microscopy Facility
National Center for Electron Microscopy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
St. Francis Xaxier University Biology Facilities
Timothy S. Baker Laboratory
Tips & tricks University of Florida EM Core Laboratory
University of Hawaii Pacific Biomedical Research Center EM facility
University of Minnesota CBS Imaging Center
University of Minnesota Inst. Tech. Characterization Facility
USDA Electron Microscopy Laboratory Beltsville Maryland