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Material Sciences Center(MSC) and BBPIC Collaboration

The collaboration between the MSC and the BBPIC aims to provide state of the art equipment and expert support to UW-Madison staff and students as well as outside clients. The breadth of research conducted at the UW necessitated the two microscopy facilities joining to more adequately meet the growing demands of expanding, and intersecting, biological and material fields.

The Materials Science Center:

The Materials Science Center provides instrumentation and expertise for the characterization of materials and nanostructures. It houses three scanning electron microscopes (soon to be four) and 3 transmission electron microscopes, multiple x-ray diffractometers, two surface analysis instruments, and an atomic force microscope. Recent acquisitions include a dual-beam focused ion beam instrument, a scanning Confocal micro-Raman spectrometer, and a small-angle x-ray diffractometer.

Four expert professional staff members train users and can help design experiments and interpret their results. The MSC is open on a recharge basis to member of the university and the broader community. Please see the MSC web site,, for more information.