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Ron Russell, Bernie O'Rourke Fund to support WI Youth Livestock Program Established

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a fund to support programs and events in the Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program which includes youth projects in beef, sheep, swine and meat goats. Donations can be made to this fund online using the secure UW Foundation web site (using the fund #112560001). If you need help, please contact Kate Bahr at the UW Foundation (kate.bahr@supportuw.org, 308-5120).
Thanks for your continuing support!

Ron Russell, Bernie O'Rourke Russell Honored by 4-H Youth Development Professionals

Ron Russell, Sr. Lecturer at the UW Meat Science & Muscle Biology Lab received the 2016 Meritorious Service- Non Member award from the Wisconsin Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals (WAE4-HYDP) at their annual conference on Tuesday, April 19th in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. This award recognizes individuals who are not members of WAE4-HYDP, but who have contributed to the 4-H Youth Development educational program area or the profession.

Russell has spent countless hours and miles on the road teaching 4-H youth about livestock and meats evaluation over his 30 year career. He has contributed time in officiating and planning the livestock judging contest portion of area animal science days as well as at the 4-H state livestock Contests, 4-H meats contests and the like.

In addition, he judges numerous county carcass shows and evaluates ultrasound data for counties around the state and works with Extension Agriculture and 4-H agents in facilitating these programs. He has truly gave of his time to youth involved in so many aspects of 4-H in both the livestock and non-livestock projects.

Russell is an individual that the students in Animal Science, youth in 4-H and FFA, and livestock producers in the state appreciate, value, and respect. Ron is often heard saying, “If I can’t have fun, I quit!” He takes that mindset to all of the people and programs he reaches and in everyday life. L to R: Ron Russell, Bernie O'Rourke

Dean Kate VandenBosch, Tom Crenshaw, Mark Cook, Jeff Sindelar, Dan Schaefer (dept chair) Bernie O'Rourke AnSci Faculty and Staff Recognized by CALS

Three faculty and an academic staff member were chosen to receive the 2016 CALS Awards. Bernie O'Rourke, the Extension Youth Livestock Specialist, was presented with the CALS Academic Staff Award for Excellence in Leadership for developing and delivering the WI youth livestock program. Tom Crenshaw was awarded the Arthur J. Maurer Extra Mile Award for his compassion and professionalism when advising the WI chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho. Jeff Sindelar was presented the CALS Pound Extension Award for his programming as a Meats Extension Specialist. Mark Cook received the Robert G.F. and Hazel T. Spitze Land Grant Faculty Award for Excellence for exemplifying the ideals of the mission of a land grant university, making outstanding contributions in teaching, research and outreach for the past thirty-three years. Congratultions to all this year's recipients.
picture L to R: Dean Kate VandenBosch, Tom Crenshaw, Mark Cook, Jeff Sindelar, Dan Schaefer (dept chair) Bernie O'Rourke

Picture by John Hart WSJ; Senior research specialist Jen Meudt and assistant professor Dhanu Shanmuganayagam, work with pigs Gene editing transforms biology, raises ethical questions

UW-Madison researchers are using a powerful gene editing tool that could improve human health, but also raises serious ethical questions. Assistant Professor Dhanu Shanmuganayagam, Department of Animal Sciences, plans to use CRISPR-Cas9 to create pig models for common human diseases that can be used to test new treatments.

Bernie O'Rourke, Pam Janke, Alissa Grenwalt O’Rourke, Grenawalt Honored by 4-H Youth Development Professionals

A team of Wisconsin 4-H Extension colleagues were recognized at the 2016 Wisconsin Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals annual awards and recognition banquet on Tuesday, April 19th at the Chula Vista Resort, WI Dells. Bernie O’Rourke, Extension Youth Livestock Specialist, UW-Madison, and Alissa Grenawalt, Extension Outreach Specialist, UW-Madison, were recognized for winning the Educational Technology Team Award. This award recognizes excellence use of technology (such as computers, video, satellite, web pages, etc.) in delivering or managing educational programs, expanding use of technology education in 4-H, or promoting logical problem-solving techniques using educational technologies.
Pam Janke, also known to many as the Fabulous Farm Babe, received the Friend of 4-H Award from the Wisconsin Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals (WAE4-HYDP) at their annual conference on Tuesday, April 19th in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.
picture L to R: Bernie O'Rourke, Pam Janke, Alissa Grenawalt

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